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Short course 


2nd to 5th May 2022

Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre

The importance of communication in geoscience is becoming ever more widely recognised. We aim to share our fascination with the natural world, and invite members of the public to be a part of scientific developments and discussion at the forefront of our discipline. Academics and students from the G2RG (and more widely NEIF portfolio) engage in a wide range of training aimed towards graduate students as well as outreach activities with the goal of informing and enthusing children and adults, local and international audiences.


Dr Millie Bompard is our engagement lead working with G2RG and NEIF scientists to coordinate delivery of online training and public outreach. Our research group leads and participates in a range of activities to make geoscience accessible, these include hands on activities at science festivals, schools, museums, shopping centres, prisons, and on the streets of Glasgow. 

Coming soon: - Geosciences Advanced E-Learning Academy

A new online learning platform for the National Environmental Isotope Facility (NEIF) and the British Ocean Sediment Core Research Facility, covering a range of courses specific to geochemistry and geochronology within the geosciences. The learning platform is expected to launch in 2022. Please contact with enquiries.

3D tours of the analytical facilities:

Millie Bompard is currently scanning all NEIF facilities in 3D, to enable researchers planning to use each NEIF service to explore the facility and understand the processes that take place in each laboratory. Each facility has been labelled with key equipment, and links to relevant online resources. These will be developed over the next year to include videos of sample preparation, analysis and routine maintenance. Within each tour, you can navigate through the space, click on the tags to learn more about each instrument, measure anything within the space, and contact the facility.

The Argon Isotope Facility @SUERC



The Mineral Preparation Facility @SUERC















The Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility

Design of bespoke training courses in geochronology and geochemistry

Contact us for graduate and post-graduate level training courses including laboratory visits and workshops for working with mass spectrometer data.

ENgaging with schools, colleges & Universities

We offer an array of outreach activities with the aim of imparting knowledge, raising aspirations and inspiring young people to fulfil their potential. The activities we offer range from workshops and taster lectures to masterclasses and demonstrations.

Many of our activities take place on campus, enabling you to see our exceptional facilities, all of which make SUERC a unique and exciting place to study. Alternatively, we may be able to deliver talks and workshops at your school or college.

public engagement

The G2RG has been represented at a number of museums, Science fairs and festivals locally, nationally and internationally and there are many opportunities for our students to get involved in developing new ways to stimulate public interest in our research. For example, G2RG students and scientists have used their talents to start their own podcasts, and have helped organise Pint of Science.

Online training

Dr Millie Bompard with NEIF scientists from across SUERC, BGS, CEH, Universities of Oxford and Bristol is developing a novel online training platform that will be accessible to all from 2022

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