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Team purpose: To pursue and deliver science excellence

Team mission: To have a good time doing it!


The G2RG operates efficiently due to the relatively flat structure of academics, research scientists, technical specialists and PhD candidates working side-by-side to deliver scientific excellence. Individual development and achievement can achieve only so much for growth. So, to accelerate growth and consistently improve performance, the G2RG focuses on collaboration at all levels. We are strongly aligned with the University of Glasgow Technicians Commitment (, and actively contribute to improving diversity and equality at SUERC. 

To contact team members directly click on team photographs below.

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Darren Mark

Professor of Isotope Geochronology

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Dr Dan Barfod

Research Fellow

(NEIF Ar/Ar Manager)


Dr Millie Bompard

Research Associate

(GAEA lead)

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Dr Aine O'Brien

Research Associate

(Reconstructing wildfire frequency and severity in geologic record, planetary science, GAEA support))


Dr Annemarie Pickersgill

Research Fellow

(Impact craters)

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Dr Ben Cohen

Research Fellow

SUERC - Edinburgh Uni.

(Mantle plumes & planetary science)

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Dr Daniil Popov

Research Associate

(Ar diffusion in K-spar)

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Dr Katie Preece


SUERC - Swansea Uni.

(Honorary Researcher)

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Dr Richard Staff

Research Fellow

(Radiocarbon & Bayesian modelling)


Ross Dymock

Technical Specialist

(Ar/Ar geochronology)

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Anne Kelly

Technical Specialist

(Chemistry clean laboratories & ICPMS)


Vincent Gallagher

Technical Specialist

(TIMS & ICPMS mass spectrometry)


Dr Rasika Mahajan

Technical Specialist (Sample characterisation & LA-ICPMS)

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Kathy Keefe

Technical Specialist

(Sample preparation)

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Natalie Graham

Admin. Support

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Emily Pegge

PhD Candidate

(Temporal framework for the Carboniferous of the Midland Valley)


Lilli Day

PhD Candidate

(Using U-Pb geochronology to reconstruct assembly history of nested plutons)

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Karlo Lisica

PhD Candidate 

(NAIP igneous activity preceding the PETM)

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Rhiannon Rees

NERC Intern

(PhD Candidate Southampton)

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 8.44.10 PM.png

Joanna Kalita

MSc Student

St Andrews - Intern

(Campi Flegrei volcanism)

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 16.38.56.png

Priya Minhas

PhD Candidate

Swansea Uni. - SUERC

(Monogenetic volcanism in Armenia)










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