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Sample preparation

  • Rock cutting and polishing suite that includes a variety of diamond saws, a thin section cut-off saw, grinding wheels,  slab polisher, and impregnation equipment for thin section and mineral mount preparation.

  • A dedicated rock crushing and first-stage mineral separation suite including jaw crusher, rotary disc mill, rock splitter and shaker sieves.

  • Rock powdering facility including a ball mill and Shatterbox with alumina, steel and agate grinding vessels for geochemical powder preparation.

  • Carpco magnetic roller separator.

  • Frantz Isodynamic magnetic barrier separator.

  • Dedicated exhausted fume hood for LMT, bromoform and MEI-based heavy liquid separations.

  • Stereo-zoom binocular microscope workstations (x3).

  • Petrographic microscope for characterisation of thin sections.

  • Scanning electron microscope with BSE detector and CL imaging.

  • High-power ultrasonication for cleaning of clay-rich samples.

  • Dedicated fume hood for HF, HNO3 and HCl leaching of minerals and rocks.

  • Rotary evaporation for heavy liquid/acetone reclamation.

COMING SOON: Selfrag selective fragmentation laboratory system. The Lab uses a SELFRAG high voltage discharges to fragment batches of material and liberate individual components from the whole, whether rock or electronic waste. The Lab is self-contained, compact, and constructed in Switzerland to meet all EU health and safety regulations. The Lab system is ideal for use in geosciencesmining and recycling research.

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